It’s been a busy year for the team here at AM!

We’ve had a blast with some of the most exciting projects we’ve ever worked on and we’re looking forward to spending some time with family and friends around the Christmas tree.

We’ve got the Christmas playlists on repeat, the halls are thoroughly decked, and we’ve been VERY good this year so, just in case Santa’s reading, here are the top five wishes on our Christmas list…


Wish: The New Apple TV

It’s on our list because:

It’s only logical that, since we design beautiful websites with great user experiences, our television experience should be just as polished. The new tvOS allows you to search ALL of your apps at once and find the show, actor or type of movie that you want to watch. We love that the new experience even integrates Siri so you can ask her for recommendations and help finding your next show to binge watch!

Wish: Wifi Enabled Crock Pot

 It’s on our list because:

Who doesn’t love coming home to the smell of a hot, home-cooked meal? And if you can cook that meal remotely? Even better! Bad traffic and long commutes no longer have to mean sad dinners of leftovers, frozen meals, or takeout.



Wish: A Standing Desk

It’s on our list because:

The closer we get to Christmas, the more some of us begin to resemble jolly ol’ St. Nick. We can’t have that. A standing desk would not only help us in our personal “battle of the bulge,” and give us a head start on our new year’s resolutions – it would also mean less of the sitting/standing dance that most of us go through approximately 487 times a day going to and from meetings, coworkers’ desks, and the coffee maker.

Wish: Coffee Stuff

It’s on our list because:

Because coffee is the best! Like many creative companies, our offices pretty much run on caffeine. Whether we take it black or mostly milk, flavored or single-origin-organic-fair-trade, hot or cold, coffee and coffee stuff tops a lot of Christmas lists at AM. We can’t seem to live without it and it keeps this place running at peak efficiency.



Wish: Floating Bluetooth Speakers

 It’s on our list because:

LEVITATING SPEAKERS! We don’t even need a reason for these. They’re awesome! We can only assume that they’re powered by the Force and they apparently even come in light side and dark side flavors.