AM delivers results by cutting through the clutter and defining clear paths to success.

Our proven approach delivers solutions by applying four critical steps:



In order to generate measurable change and to create strategies and tactics that will work for your ministry, you need to clarify who you are, what God has called you to do, and where you’re starting from. We need to know that too. In the positioning step, we work through your branding, align with your core values and personality, identify your pain points, and take a deep dive into your target audience demographics.



During the strategy process, we define goals, explore options for turning pain points into opportunities, and chart a path to measurable success. Strategy is the piece that keeps you on track no matter what the project entails. Websites, marketing, branding, or systems integrations–if you start with strategy, you’re far more likely to get the results that you’re looking for.


tools + channels

With vision and strategy defined, we can gather all of your channels, tools, processes, and technologies and put them to work. We’ll cut out anything that’s not meeting your goals, create any missing pieces, replace technology that’s outdated or limited, integrate what you already have, and align everything so that you are left with an efficient, streamlined, results-driven digital ecosystem.



Without results, you’re not making an impact and none of this matters. Your marketing, website, business tools, and internal processes should all directly impact your bottom line.  We use analytics and business intelligence to build campaigns, evaluate performance, monitor the digital health of your ecosystem, and measure how your audiences are engaging with you.


But what will you do for my organization?


Don’t gamble your budget. Whether it’s branding, websites, or systems integrations, you need a plan.


You’re good at what you do. Shouldn’t you look good doing it? Mission-aligned branding helps you stand out.


Your website is still the most likely hub for turning prospects into members. Better make it a good one.

Member Assimilation

Take your assimilation processes online and get your team the data they need to be more effective.

Paid Social

Ad spend has never been easier to measure than it is right now. Put the data to work for you while you can still afford it.

Paid Search

People are searching for you but are they finding you? A great SEO/SEM plan is the key to digital visibility.

Email Marketing + Automation

Streamline, automate, measure, and get laser-focused with your email campaigns to drive conversions.

Third Party Integrations

We don’t just make things. We make things work together. We’ll align and integrate your third party software.

Creative Content

Fill your communication channels with great, targeted content and keep your audience coming back.


74% of all online traffic is video. It is the undisputed king of digital content. Put video to work for you.

Member/Donor Management Integration

What do you get when your management system is talking to your website and email platform? Conversion magic.

Database Development + Integration

In the cloud or in your offices, AM’s database services put user data in your control and working the way you want.

Mobile Apps

Your organization should be where your members and donors spend most of their time–on their phones.

Roku/Apple TV Apps

TV Apps mean your media and services can be in any living room in the world. Guatemala campus anyone?

Online Giving + eCommerce

Whether you need a custom solution or a third party system, we’ll make it easy to give to your organization.

Print Collateral

Sometimes print – not digital – is the right choice. But it can be costly, so it better be creative, beautiful, and targeted.

 There’s no cookie cutter approach that fits every client.

That’s why our process is so critical. Our solutions include a unique mix of deliverables and services aligned perfectly to achieve your goals.

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