Hope often shines brightest in the darkest hour.

The Darkest Hour is a new TV show produced by Jay Lowder Harvest Ministries which tells the stories of real people who have been through some of the worst things that life can throw at you and have come out the other side. These are not your average Sunday morning church stories. These are violent stories of rape, murder, prison, and drugs. They are also powerful stories of redemption and hope. Jay Lowder Harvest Ministries has a long and productive partnership with AM and, when it came time to bring these stories to light, they came to us for help. AM worked through a full naming and branding process with the team and created an interactive, responsive website to support the TV show.

  • Responsive Website Design and Development
  • Logo and Branding Suite
  • Strategic Objective Planning
  • Social Media Integration
  • Customizable Contact Forms
  • Robust Media Tools
  • Third Party Integration


When Jay Lowder Harvest Ministries came to AM, they didn’t have a name for the TV program – they just had a mission and a powerful vision for how it would play out. AM worked through a naming strategy to create The Darkest Hour. We then moved on to a full logo and branding suite for the program – creating gritty, textured visual elements and utilizing grayscale, double-exposure photography to support the content of the stories and mission.

The scope of the project for The Darkest Hour was almost overwhelming. Without the guidance, creativity, and knowledge of AM Digital, it would not have happened. The team at AM was instrumental in developing the branding, the style, and the “wow” that you see online and within the television show. We loved working with such an awesome team.

Kyle Coker Creative Director