This is Not a Test

TobyMac is a multiple Grammy and Dove Award-winning christian recording artist, producer, songwriter, and author. TobyMac already has a very distinctive visual brand, and they trusted the team at AM to translate that digitally. If you’ve ever been to a TobyMac show, you know that it is a non-stop, unrelenting, freight-train of activity. Using video and dynamic images, our designers created an interactive experience for TobyMac fans that gives them a taste of that energy. The video that dominates the homepage engages users from the moment that they hit the site, while the imagery and layout reflect the personality of the TobyMac brand.

  • Responsive Website Design & Development
  • Content management system
  • Social Media Integration
  • Tour/Events Integration
  • Custom Module Development

A Different Tune

The design elements for this site are different than other sites as one might expect – but so is the actual structure of the site. While most websites in the music industry have either a long scrolling homepage or a simple homepage with the ability to dig deeper in a submenu, the TobyMac website has both. The long scroll allowed for interactive design elements and quick access to important information while the submenu and homepage calls to action encourage users to dig deeper into important information such as the new album, tour tickets, the causes that are close to Toby’s heart, and much more.

Because Toby and his band are so active on social media, we knew that social media integration was going to be a necessity. The instagram feed on the homepage dynamically pulls in content from several accounts – TobyMac and several members of the Diversecity Band – and then filters them down to only posts containing a specific hashtag. The idea is to give followers a glimpse of a live TobyMac concert experience from several different people’s perspective and promote social engagement with the brand.

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AM exceeded my expectations with their work on Everything was handled very efficiently and professionally. The site looks cool, works great and represents TobyMac in a way we can be proud of.

Jess Robin Dumoulin Online Manager